Web design should be creative

Web design is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. It is not surprising because the number of websites is constantly growing, the costs of making a website lowering and the time span to have the project ready is the shortest we’ve know for years.

A lot of products that are destined to make a web designer’s task easier are readily available on the market. But most educational establishments try to teach their web design students to build sites from scratch. At the end of the course some students are appalled to find out everything they struggled to do so painstakingly can be done in the matter of minutes with the help of good web design software.

There are good reasons for this. With the existence of pre-automated solutions it is easy to become jaded and forget about creativity and originality. Far too many people think about quantity not quality and try to make as much money as they can resulting in end products that all look the same. Having a web site is no longer something out of the ordinary, but it doesn’t mean design should be boring. Every site should serve its purpose, please its audience but remain aesthetic and original on its own. So don’t forget about inspirations when you design.

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